10 Best Flashlight Games for Kids to Play in Dark

As the sun sets and darkness falls, children’s imaginations come alive. And what better way to embrace their sense of adventure than with trusty flashlight games?

Whether camping under the stars or playing hide-and-seek indoors, flashlights can turn any ordinary game into an extraordinary experience.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 fun flashlight games that will ignite your child’s creativity and bring endless hours of entertainment. So, let’s get started with our best flashlight games for kids.

1. Flashlight Fort

Flashlight forts have been a beloved childhood activity for generations, but have you ever thought about adding some fun and excitement to the mix with flashlight games?

These games are not only entertaining, but they also encourage creativity, teamwork, and imagination in kids. One popular addition is Shadow Tag, where players use their flashlights to cast shadows on each other.

The goal is to tag as many opponents as possible by shining light on their shadows. This game tests agility and enhances problem-solving skills as players strategize how to stay out of sight.

2. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt in the Dark is another thrilling flashlight game that sparks the imagination. In this game, a designated player hides small objects or treats around the fort using their flashlight as guidance.

The other players must then navigate through the dimly lit fort, following clues and beam lights until they locate the hidden treasures. This game promotes critical thinking and observation skills and provides an element of mystery that keeps kids engaged for hours.

With these flashlight games for kids, playing in a fort becomes more than just building walls with blankets and pillows; it becomes an adventure filled with challenge and intrigue.

3. Flashlight Disc Golf

Imagine the thrill of seeing glowing discs flying through the air on a night, guided by nothing but the beam of a flashlight.

Flashlight disc golf is a fantastic activity that combines two exciting elements – the popular sport of disc golf and the magic of glow-in-the-dark games. It’s not just for adults; kids can join in on this unique experience too.

This twist enhances coordination and motor skills and encourages problem-solving as players strategize how best to illuminate their path.

Flashlight disc golf is an excellent way for kids to spend quality time with family and friends outdoors. The excitement intensifies as dusk falls and darkness surrounds them, creating a memorable atmosphere for shared laughter and friendly competition.

4. Flashlight Freeze

Flashlight Freeze is one of the most exciting and suspenseful flashlight games for kids. In this game, kids gather in a dark room or outside at night with only flashlights to guide them.

One person is designated as the Freezer, who will try to catch other players in their flashlight beam.

The twist that makes this game even more thrilling is that when the Freezer shines its light on a player, that player must freeze and stay still until another player can sneak up and tag them to set them free.

Flashlight Freeze game provides endless fun and excitement and helps improve children’s agility, concentration, and teamwork skills. As players strive to avoid being caught by the Freezer’s beam, they learn to think quickly on their feet and make split-second decisions.

5. Hidden Pictures Flashlight

Hidden Pictures Flashlight is a fun and engaging game that kids will absolutely love. This classic game involves using a flashlight to find hidden objects in a dark room or area. It not only promotes problem-solving skills but also enhances children’s concentration and focus.

One of the greatest things about a hidden pictures flashlight is its versatility. You can create your own puzzles by hiding small toys or objects around the room and challenging your child to find them using only the beam of light from the flashlight.

Playing hidden pictures flashlight can be an exciting group activity as well. Gather some friends or family members, turn off the lights, and take turns being blindfolded while others hide objects around the room.

The blindfolded person then has to use their flashlight to find the hidden treasures within a certain time limit, adding an element of competition and thrill to the game.

6. Arkham Horror Card Flashlight Games

Unlike many other flashlight games for kids, Arkham Horror Card Game Flashlight doesn’t rely solely on jump scares or loud noises. Instead, it creates an immersive atmosphere where imagination takes centre stage.

Whether exploring haunted mansions or delving into ancient crypts, every twist and turn in the game feels like a real-life adventure waiting to unfold. The combination of suspenseful storytelling and interactivity makes this game truly captivating for players of all ages.

7. Flashlight Tag

Flashlight Tag, also known as Flashlight Games for Kids, is a thrilling pastime that ignites the imagination and gets youngsters running in the dark.

The rules are simple: one person holds a flashlight and becomes it, while the others scatter and hide. The catcher’s goal? To shine their light on another player before they reach ‘base.’

This game of flashlight tag encourages teamwork and communication and stimulates problem-solving skills as children strategize ways to outsmart each other.

Children can enjoy endless fun, continually discovering new strategies and tactics with these adaptations available.

8. Capture the Moon

Capture the Moon is a thrilling and imaginative flashlight game that will keep kids entertained for hours. The game’s goal is simple: using their flashlights, kids take turns pretending to be astronauts, searching for and capturing the elusive Moon.

As one child shines their flashlight around the room or outdoor space, another child must try to tag them with their beam of light before they capture the Moon.

What makes Capture the Moon so special is its ability to spark creativity in children. As they navigate dark rooms or explore outside at night, their imaginations run wild as they pretend to venture into outer space and embark on a mission to capture something as magnificent as the Moon.

It encourages teamwork and strategizing between teammates as they plan how best to find and tag each other with their flashlights while avoiding being caught themselves.

9. Shadow Puppet Charade

The beauty of Shadow Puppet Charades lies in its simplicity. With just a flashlight and their hands, kids can create many shapes and figures that others have to guess.

It encourages imaginative play and helps improve communication skills as they try to convey their chosen character or object without speaking. Shadow Puppet Charades also offers educational benefits. It challenges children’s visual perception as they try to recreate recognizable shapes using only their hands and fingers.

To make this game captivating and exciting for all participants, consider setting up a staging area with curtains or hanging sheets where the shadow puppet performances can occur.

Encourage kids to get creative with their hand movements and experiment with different lighting techniques until they perfect their shadow puppets’ details.

10. Catch The Light

Catch The Light is a flashlight game that will captivate your little ones.

The premise of this game is simple – all you need is a dark room, a flashlight, and some coloured objects. Start by scattering the objects around the room, making sure they are easy to spot.

Then, give your child the flashlight and ask them to shine it on each object as quickly as possible. Not only does this game engage their sense of sight, but it also helps improve their hand-eye coordination and concentration skills.

One aspect that makes Catch The Light so appealing to kids is its versatility. You can customize this game to cater to different age groups or make it more challenging as they age. For younger children, use larger objects and have fewer distractions in the room.


In conclusion, flashlight games offer endless fun and excitement for kids of all ages. Whether it’s playing shadow tag, exploring a darkened room on a treasure hunt, or creating shadow puppets on a wall, these activities foster creativity, imagination, and teamwork.

Flashlight games provide a unique opportunity for children to learn about light and shadow while engaging in active play.

By incorporating these entertaining games into playtime, parents and caregivers can encourage outdoor exploration, stimulate cognitive development, and create lasting memories with their children.