Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight Review: Best Price, Battery, Lumens

Xiaomi Multi function Flashlight, is a versatile lighting solution designed to meet various needs, especially in car emergencies. Featuring a powerful 1000 lumens master light and a multifunctional side light, this Xiaomi flashlight goes beyond traditional illumination.

Equipped with an ejection-type window breaker and a seat belt cutter, it serves as a comprehensive tool for unexpected situations on the road. With a 3100mAh lithium battery, this powerful flashlight has the highest run time of 90 hours.

Read on as we delve into the features and functionalities that make Xiaomi’s Multi function Flashlight an indispensable companion for drivers facing unforeseen challenges.

Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight Review

In the realm of versatile lighting solutions, the Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight emerges as a powerhouse, combining a 1000lm strong light, impressive lighting range, and a range of adaptable features to cater to various scenarios.

Let’s delve into the key aspects that make this flashlight a standout companion.

Powerful Illumination

Boasting a 1000lm strong light, the Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight ensures clarity in the darkest of situations. With a remarkable lighting range of 240m, it penetrates darkness, illuminating distant areas and providing an expansive field of vision.

The adjustable brightness levels allow users to tailor the light output to different lighting needs, enhancing versatility.

Flexible and Infinite Zooming

A standout feature of this flashlight is its flexible and infinite zooming capability. The lamp holder can smoothly zoom in and out of focus, enabling seamless adjustment between spotlight and floodlight.

This versatility proves invaluable, allowing users to smoothly transition from low beams for night walks to high beams for detailed searching.

Flashing SOS Warning: Multifunctional Lighting

Beyond standard illumination, the Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight excels in emergency responsiveness. The master light can be activated promptly to address emergencies, while the side light adds multifunctionality. It provides:

  • A flashing red/fog light.
  • Cutting through foggy conditions and serving as an emergency signal.
  • Enhancing safety during unforeseen situations.

Magnetic Fixation and Adjustable Lighting Angle

Adding to its adaptability, the flashlight features magnetic fixation, allowing it to attach securely to cars, holders, and other metal surfaces containing iron or nickel. The rotating slide design enables a 107° wide-angle rotation adjustment, providing users with a more accurate and customizable lighting experience.

Specs of Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight

Brightness1000-1999 Lumens
Bulb TypeLED
Power SourceBattery
FeaturesAdjustable Focus, Batteries Included,
Handheld, Magnetic, Rechargeable
Included ComponentsCharging Cable
Item model numberTorch Xiaomi BHR7004GL 1000 lm
Product Dimensions6 x 5.2 x 19.7 cm; 250 Grams

What’s in the Box: Torch Xiaomi BHR7004GL 1000 Lumens

The torch Xiaomi BHR7004GL 1000 lm box typically include the following:

  1. Xiaomi BHR7004GL 1000lm Torch
  2. Charging Cable
  3. User Manual (if applicable)
  4. Warranty Information (if applicable)

Key Features of the Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight

Key features of the Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight include:

Dimensions and Build Quality

The Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight is designed with attention to dimensions and build quality, ensuring a balance between portability and durability. Its construction is geared towards reliability in various environments.

User Interface

The flashlight boasts a user-friendly interface, allowing for intuitive operation. Accessing different modes, adjusting settings, and navigating through features are designed to be straightforward for an enhanced user experience.

Lumen Output

With a notable lumen output, the Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight provides powerful illumination. The brightness levels are optimized for different scenarios, ensuring a versatile tool suitable for a range of lighting needs.

Battery, Runtime, and Recharging

Featuring a robust battery system, the flashlight offers extended runtime on a single charge. The recharging process is designed to be efficient, providing users with a reliable and consistent power source for prolonged use.

Beam Distance

The flashlight excels in beam distance, penetrating darkness with an impressive reach. Whether for outdoor exploration or emergencies, the Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight ensures a broad and clear field of vision.

Resistance Against Impact, Water, and Temperature

Engineered for durability, the flashlight is resistant to impact, water, and varying temperatures. This resilience makes it suitable for use in challenging conditions, providing users with confidence in its performance across different environments.

The Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight is distinguished by its thoughtful design and a set of features that prioritize user experience, versatility, and durability.

From its dimensions and build quality to advanced capabilities like beam distance and resistance against environmental factors, this flashlight is crafted to meet the diverse needs of users in various scenarios.

Price, Warranty, and Return Policy of Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight

The cost, guarantee, and refund terms for the Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight are as follows:

  1. Cost: The price of the Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight may differ depending on location, seller, and ongoing promotions. It costs 62.99 USD on most online platforms. Verifying the most accurate pricing from authorized Xiaomi dealers or official channels is recommended.
  2. Guarantee: Xiaomi usually offers a product warranty, including flashlights. The warranty coverage may vary by region and local laws. Reviewing the warranty terms provided by Xiaomi or the authorized retailer where the flashlight is bought is advisable.
  3. Refund Policy: The return policy for Xiaomi products is determined by the company and the specific policies of the retailer. Generally, there is a reasonable return period during which customers can return products due to defects or dissatisfaction. Customers should know the retailer’s return policy and follow procedures for initiating returns before purchasing.

Where to Buy the Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight?

The Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight is available from various sources, allowing customers to choose where they buy it. Here are some common options for buying the Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight:

1. Official Xiaomi Website: Customers can buy genuine Xiaomi products, including flashlights, directly from the official website. They can view product details, check for promotions, and make secure purchases online.

2. Authorized Retailers and Electronics Stores: Many authorized retailers and electronics stores carry Xiaomi products, including the Multi-Function Flashlight, in their physical stores or online platforms. These retailers often have a variety of Xiaomi products in stock.

3. Online Marketplaces: E-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay offer a wide selection of Xiaomi products, including flashlights. Customers can easily browse listings, read reviews, and purchase through these online marketplaces.

4. Specialized Retailers: Some retailers specializing in outdoor equipment, electronics, or gadgets may also sell Xiaomi flashlights. These retailers may offer a curated selection of flashlight options to choose from.

5. Local Xiaomi Stores: In areas with physical Xiaomi retail outlets, customers can visit these stores to purchase flashlights and other products directly from the brand’s stores.

Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight:

thumbs up regular


  • Versatile Functionality
  • Strong Illumination with 1000lm
  • Adjustable Beam Distance
  • Emergency Utility
  • Customizable Lighting Angle
  • Rechargeable Battery System
thumbs down regular


  • Higher Price

Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight Review: In Conclusion

The Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight is a versatile and innovative lighting tool that offers a powerful 1000lm light with an impressive beam distance. It features flexible zooming, emergency modes, and magnetic fixation, making it suitable for various scenarios.

However, its higher price point may deter budget-conscious buyers, and its numerous features may overwhelm those who prefer a simpler flashlight.

Overall, the Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight is a great choice for those seeking advanced functionalities and strong performance in both everyday use and unexpected situations.

FAQs on Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight

Is a multi-function flashlight different from a regular flashlight?

The Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight offers torch illumination, side light flood illumination, in-car emergency warning, seat belt cutter, and window breaking functions.

It has a master light mode provides high, medium, and low light for flashlight needs and flashing mode and SOS mode for emergencies. The side light mode provides high and low lights for floodlighting and red light flashing and fog light flashing modes for emergency vehicle warnings.

What are the unique features of the Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight?

The Xiaomi Multi-Function Flashlight boasts 1000lm strong light with a 240m long range. It has a telescopic infinitely variable zoom for near and far lighting adjustment, a master light with three brightness adjustments and emergency functions.

It also features magnetic adsorption with rotating angle adjustment to be fixed on metal surfaces and a seat belt cutter and ejection-type window breaker to handle emergencies.